A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

(Remember the Flowers contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play.)

This story follows the tale of an amnesiac man.

With memories fleeting,  he wakes up in what seems to be a new world. 

The only thing he's certain of is his desire to return home. 

The only question is: what has become of it?




Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(1,412 total ratings)
AuthorsJericho, Azzy-Lionblood, Alusiren
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsFurry, LGBTQIA, Romance, Sci-fi


RemembertheFlowers-0.17.4-win.zip 841 MB
RemembertheFlowers-0.17.4-mac.zip 846 MB
RemembertheFlowers-0.17.4-linux.tar.bz2 824 MB
RemembertheFlowers-0.17.4-android.apk 867 MB

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needs an animated adaptation asap

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FRRRRR i’ve  been saying this 

Как играть на РуССком Языке



Hi, is the story end ? I want to read the novel

Because I Saw someone chat cant wait for part 2


No the story hasn't ended yet, there's still more stuff being made


Okay, thank u

Oh My God, I am in LOVEEEE with this VN. Might be.. no, it's the best VN I've read that I've read within' the few year! 

Have you read Adastra? I personally haven't read this one yet, but Adastra made me... Emotional, to say the least.



lil merch idea but like a physical thick novel few pictures type deal and dust cover with art on it (so a standard book lol me being silly)


One thing that remains inside my head after Ch17 is Canto is a DILF 💀


preach, my brother! Canto is really serving cunt!


Still holding a special place in my heart, this VN has come a long way! Jericho, Azzy-Lionblood, Alusiren, and the whole crew, wishing you all the best for Part 2!


Cant wait for the 2nd part

Does this VN have options cause I'm pretty far in and I haven't seen any so I'm gonna assume there isn't...


There is not! This is a linear visual novel. 


Holy, I cried three times while going through chapter 17. The most I've cried at a chapter. I love this VN so much AAA!!!


As much as id prefer not to be killed by some players... Poor Lance
Had to be enslaved just at time when he started to realize his mistakes (at least the way i see it)

Six months alone with Silver sounds wonderful though, i love this guy x3


real, Silver is the goat


We love Silver in this household

playing chapter 17 rn and ahhh it is amazing !!!


Wow, what an update... It's always an emotional rollercoaster, but this time hit differently. I'm scared/excited for what comes next!


Absolutely fantastic update. Got shivers from sentimental moments and audio design. Worth the half a year wait.


god that was so damn good 😭 😭 😭


I'm familiar with crying due to tragic things happening in fiction, but this is one of those great pieces of art where the characters are written so well that I find myself crying even more when I get to see the characters thriving.



Y'know, the game was fucking amazing through all of chapters 1-16, but I think chapter 17 pushed it over the edge, and sent it hurdling down at the speed of light into the gaping hole known as "perfect". First VN to make me cry tears of happiness AND sadness, so for that, I thank you. I cannot wait for the next chapter, and the side-stories. Will definitely be buying the Patreon when chapter 18 releases.


Extra note: I can't wait to see King, Darius and Lance die. None of them are redeemable. Eternal torture and suffering first, though.

Yeah, but I believe in Artemis supremacy


kill him as well


No, never, he's an icon. He has earned absolute power


Now I'm wearing a white raincoat and trousers just like him. Intelligence and fashion icon.

King is mine, you can't kill him. 💅🏿


he needs death, he hurt aaron. nobody fucks with aaron without some PROPER consequences (he shouldve lost more than 1 arm)

I will, like, uh
protect him, yeah. Tee-hee



17 глава спасибо!! Хочу увидеть Coopera


I am so insanely invested in Cyrus and Axel's relationship that it's not even funny. I love these two together way too goddamn much..



Duuuuude, this VN rocks so much! Each update, and I'm hooked more and more. Amazing piece of media, such great work of so many talented people. This type of thing makes me proud being part of the community.

Thank you, thank you so much! :^)


Lance <3


An acquired taste, but not wrong <3

Is this vn NSFW?


NSFW meaning it may have some blood and gorey imagery on occassion, but there is no sexual content. 


Thx for that by the way.

The (few) explicit content in the previous builds was what initially prevented me from downloading the whole thing and instead resorted to watch youtube video for it, since they had to censor themselves the aforementionned part. 

It's nice to enjoy the story to it's fullest now :-)


2 hours in so far.. VN seems very good. Wolf is cute. Tiger is cute, I'm hoping I get to see a map soon. Or some indication on what happened to Earth (I'm assuming we're on Earth due to everyone else speaking English and having phrases like "jesus" n shit) from the "7 stars". 5/5 so far though. Great art style, great writing, I do wish there was more CGs but there's probably a shit ton more in the later chapters (just finished C3)


There's quite a few more CGs and the public chapter 17 update should be out within the next few days


i’ve just discovered VNs and i’ve never been so hooked on a story, it’s nothing at all what i expected from the title. the art style and the characters are the best i’ve ever seen and the story is one of the most heartwarming yet tragic things i’ve ever read. 

thank you to the creators, writers, artists and soundtrack designers for creating such a masterpiece!! <3


truer words have never been spoken.


haha thanks, i loved it although im sad now that we will have to wait months for chapter 18 :/

i was confused at first cuz i havnt seen the 17th chapter yet and just saw that it dropped lwiejf'oishv;zjvJSv;oud'ouvsdoiv'osiv's pic


Y'know I've very much enjoyed the progress of this FVN and y'all are coming up on 3 years... You've done great things with this. Can't wait for more


I feel kinda humbled that this is one of my first Visual Novel experiences. Can't imagine it must have taken you all to get to this point, but bravo.


damn this vn was really good and very far from what i was expecting strictly going off the name and cover was thinking it would be a bit of a romance and very sappy and it is in some ways but none in how i thought it would be the sci-fi also caught me off guard im really not sure how much we werent supposed to figure out on our own before it was revealed but i think everything in the story can be figured out before it happens a few things far before they do but that doesnt make it bad just less shocking the story really gets good a bit after cyrus's time with "Cooper"


I have a question. Maybe the authors can answer?

About the protagonist. Those ports on his back reminds me a lot of the ones needed for drones for the hyron project, Deus ex human revolution. Are these some sort of inspiration?

Just wondering...

This game is, by far, the best I played in a really, really long time. Everything is just so good, the music, the characters, the story, the characters development and other things. I really hope this VN gets even more attention and players, keep uo the good work!!


When the release the chapter 17 in public?


based on the typical release schedule, about a month after the patreon release

any day now hopefully then


Give it anywhere from 3 to 7 days roughly



Game is so good and the story is even better keep up the good work!

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im not sure if this can actually be called a "game" since we arent able to effect the story in any way just yet if ever

meh who cares its still no.1 for me

it really is a good vn

i love this VN! just got done with arc 2,cant wait for the next chapters!

Need some help!

I updated the game but couldn't find the chapter 17 , what should I do?

(1 edit) (+1)

It's for patreon for now, not general release. In one month or so the link will be 0.17 version.


one more month to go lmaoo, but thanks for the release!




This is my favorite VN. This story has grabbed my heart and then ripped it to shreads, 10/10

ik right? so good.

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