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Have any changes for Damion and Diana come back?

how do i download the game on iphone plz i wanna play the game :(


Hello when is build 12 gonna be public?


Literally the best furry vn out there, I would play it if you haven't already

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Just finished reading Build 12. I can only agree which most other people. RtF is totally an underrated VN.

The story and storytelling is great with nice plot twists, even if I expected some/most ^^.

It’s also refreshing to read an furry VN where there aren’t sex scenes all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read those too ^^

As an last note. I really was surprised by the quality of the programming in general. Nice smooth animations/transitions, no strange text glitches, just very clean over all :)


Seriously this needs way more attention than it gets, the art, characters, music and history is great, I really got surprised by that plot twist on Cyrus' memories, this might be one of the best furry vn I've ever seen

Oh don't worry I've been pushing it out a few furry VN Youtubers and streamers.  Some have already completed it to the most recent update.

Oh that's great!


Bruh this shit is phenominal! Maybe I havn't experienced enough media to feel this way but fvn authors really be out here making their first visual novel and end up putting up modern masterpeices and having it be only known by such a small fandom.

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I really really like this VN's story, but have a little disappointment about Cooper's CG. His early and late forms couldn't match, so that thing disturbed me to focus on this game. 

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Gave me depression and anxiety, 10/10 storytelling. Receipts weren't adding up so I saw the first big twist coming, but it ate me up good anyway. The soundtrack sets the vibe nicely too. Absolutely looking forward to the rest of the story. :>

Also, praying for Cyrus' full head of hair to make a swift recovery. 🙏😩


Fr though 😭🤚


i just finished the current public version, upsetti spaghetti that its currently all there is. but excited for more content. will be patiently waiting for more story to read. :D


i am using upsetti spagheti now whenever im mad


hahaha well go right ahead. XP


This is god tier. Better than any completed works I've read thus far. Worth the wait for these builds. When I finally have stable income I'm throwing all of my money at these patreons I stg


*minor spoilers, it's a review!*

Remember the Flowers is an exceptional visual novel so far. Although some characters are still a work in progress, every character feels fleshed out and very lifelike. The main character, Cyrus, doesn't seem like your generic protagonist who needs help every step of the way, and it's refreshing since it allows for more meaningful character dialogue and interaction. The plot points of the game don't feel forced or overdone, and in my opinion, it strikes a fine balance between having enough substance to be entertaining, yet not overbearing. In terms of plot, the only nitpick I have is that I wish Cyrus had a more original backstory. Due to its use in other visual novels, the idea of an amnesiac man waking up in a foreign world is a bit overused. In it's current state, I can't wait to play more and see where the story goes! ...and see more Aaron :')

I highly suggest giving it a try for yourself, you won't be disappointed!


yo new build i thoght it ended i was like noo it was so good but know im on here and there is a new chapter let's go


Silver look scared but outside he a good guy and i feel bad what happened to him when he in that factory


It's truly sad, yes, but now we know humans aren't their only experiment subjects........ Looks like resoom doesn't know limits




Already needing a new update


Silver is cool guy...i like him

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New update!!!! Time to enjoy more of this VN!!!! 🙏

(Edit): I like the new clothes, and Silver is really nice, i was unsure about him at first, now i think he's a good guy......

Also they changed the game icon, nice one!

When will you release the public version of build 11?


Sometime this week or weekend.


Has their been any updates?


Keep an eye out next week.

It's out


Possible spoiler

Does anyone else believe that titania might actually be diana?


That would be surprising, and would be quite a plot twist


this codename gives an idea of a strong woman, and we know who her father is. the pieces seem to fit together.


that's trueee, but now I wonder why (assuming she knows he's there) she hasn't gone to see him yet, I mean yeah she could be busy, but after 300 years? 


yes I understand, but we also don't know how long she has been fighting resoom. At the time she may not have introduced herself as Cyrus would have known her true identity. it's a shot in the dark


Alright yeah that's true, but now I wonder how if it is her how she's stayed alive all this time, if it was the same way Cyrus had gone through or another way, as if perhaps her father had found a way to slowdown the aging process or something similar


I started this a few days ago and ended it just yesterday, and it has been a good story so far, and can't wait for the next chapters, and I do hope that Cooper/Lance makeup in the future, if they don't then that'll be sad ;-;


WHOHOOO NEW UPDATES BABY!! <3 im gonna waste my night binge reading this xd


A good story is never a waste of time


I just tried the game and i loved it! 

oh god, Aaron is the cutest one i've ever seen, he's perfect in every sense:

He's smart 💡(more than a lot of people there)

Professional chef 🍝

Too kind 💖(he would do anything just for get a smile in exchange)

Very handosme (i would stare at him for a month 😶‍🌫️)

basically the perfect guy 👌


TW: unpopular opinion (+spoilers up to and including 9.5)

okay, let me start off by saying this vn is great. i like this vn. i love this vn, even. its at least in my top 3, for sure. but dear lord up above, what happened to lance in 9.5 cg? absolutely zero offesne to the artist who drew him, but holy shit, did they hate what lance did that much? id understand if hes suppose to look like shit, since he'd been beat up and also drinking a fuck ton, sure. but the dude is literally dysmorphed. i dont think alcohol can do that. at least not to such extremes. tears rolled down my cheeks, one after another, and the next thing i know im on the floor, shitting myself that lance is now forever uglyfied in my head. jokes aside, i just think the art style doesnt suit him at all. i say this, because the otter-dude (or whatever the animal that approached lance is) looks completely fine. u can tell the artist is definitely skilled, but... yeah. i think ive made my (ruthless) point already.


lmfao-- I was thinking the same thing, the art style really changes through the story but at that point I couldn't even focus on the words I was in shock 


RIIIGHT?? i had to stare at it for like 5min to process what i was seeing :crying emoji:

in general tho i dont mind the art style changes too much after almost every cg, i kinda like the different vibes each one gives. even this cg gives off these kinda nice very-serious-and-no-fucking-around type of vibes, but whyd they have to massacre lance like that :sobbing:


Honestly yeah I was who is that lmao...but like I guess since he isn't "Cooper" anymore, then I guess the drastic change makes sense since he's not the oh so nice guy we once knew


yea u have a point, but then it goes back to the fact that his skull just looks deformed imo... like even if hes suppose to be perceived as more of a villain currently, his face in general just doesnt look "right", if that makes sense lmao


M A N it feels like Aaron is that one boyfriend every boys and girls dream about <3

educated 📚
rich💸(it's just a + it don't really matter but it depend of peoples)
clean 🧼 
loyal 💍 Courteous
have a big heart (and belly) and kind ❤️
Cook like a master🍲
Handsome and classy gorgeous ✨
he's the everyone we need 👏

Ohh I like the New Update Please More please


i admit, glad i  finally got to see canto sweetheart




Anyone else can't open the windows version?

I also cant open it


spoilers to rtw 10:



Hot dang new update!! 😃

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When was this when I needed thw most?? 


When the time Cooper/Lance betrayed hit me so hard that I regret to play this at night cuz I can't sleep because of it but then I still have faith there must be a misunderstanding in that current situation tho. Still I got still curious about something cuz when the time Cooper/Lance gave the flower from the cactus, I remembered the title of the novel so for me still I got faith on him but even then, still that it may not be true. Aaron is a sweetie pie and so cuteee. I think Damion reincarnated as him tho cuz I can see the resemblance of both of them. 100/10 vn

Ok, I just finished it recently and I just wanted to say that it was amazing, captivating story and very fascinating characters.
 SPOILERS Although the plot twist was expected, it still hit me like a truck. I'm also loving the dynamic I'm seeing between aaron and cyrus even though I would have liked to see a little more before the chapter was over, but I guess there will be more.
 Artemis looks like a very interesting character and it looks like there is going to be a showdown soon, overall I can't wait for the next chapters.
 this vn enters my top 3 easily, simply impressive.
Keep up the good work!

How did i not saw this beatiful vn?imma downloaf it later!

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Wow. Just wow. So far this vn is great. Characters, story, world building. I fell completely into this vibe.  Aaron... he's so adorable and his facial expressions are priceless. Tiger Head Posters and Art Prints | TeePublic


Aaron is so cute...he is my favorite 😍


he scrunkly

looks like arc 3 is goin' to be insteresting~

Am I the only one who can't load my saves from build 9?

Saves likely may not work as something has changed in those scenes from the previous builds. 

If you need to jump to a chapter, there is a chapter selection in the bonus room. 

Thanks for reminding me



Okay I can't believe I'm gonna say this but am I the only one who thinks the new bad guy (Artemis) has some.... Charm to him? 👀💦

I bet it's a matter of time for some corruption fan-art to drop or something lol


Evil Clifford Tibbits



if cyrus have chrush on Aaron that s be cool...


Ah, so far i'm loving the story- though i do have to admit i'm hoping cyrus gets to keep his long hair, or at least most of it after the interlude! It makes him unique and over all it feels like it suits him.

Beyond that mini rant i can't recommend this game enough, its such a compelling story that pulls you in no matter what you do

Sadly I've encountered with a few problems after downloading chapter 9.5. If I try to load my most recent save, RenPy has problems to rollback and I've tried a few options (The traceback). Any option to fix this? I could simply play from the chapter select but I feel like I am missing something then.

I can only load some specific save slots, the others crash. If it helps: I play on a Windows 11 system.


This happens because the scene the save file was saved on changed in the coding in some way since the last update. The save file is no longer useable.

If you need to jump to a part of the story, there is a chapter selection in the bonus menu.

Ah ok. Thanks for the response 👍

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