Public Build 7: Snowtop Respite

Hello, everyone! Orion here, posting on behalf of Jericho because it's late. 

Build 7 is now ready and complete for public release, hope you enjoy it!

 As usual, please let us know if there are any issues in the Discord!


Changelog by Orion (@aluminemsiren) : 

- Android version has been altered. Larger font for readability and text box altered to mirror the system version.

- Android version will now retain the quick menu throughout the game. 

- Reported typos, grammatical errors, and leftover coding tags have been fixed/removed.

- New Extra menu! Contains unlockable CG gallery, Chapter Selection, Credits, Patrons, and Licensing pages.

- Dialogue/narration timed pause tags have been significantly altered throughout.

- New music: Sisao from Anthemics replaces previous music track. 

Get Remember the Flowers


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chapter selection is super useful, also Axel best boy!


im on windows and i cant seam to download the new update via the itch app just fyi

What happens when you try to download it?

when i click install it simply dosent offer any downloads

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Just download with your web browser instead


a  little on the short side but this was my favorite update  by far so far! To be honest I was thinking of dropping the game around the 3rd or 4th update  because I really didn't like Cooper, but when Axel got introduced The game easily got in my top 5 FVNs!


You down bad :skullemoji:


Excuse me, but I can't install the newest android vers of the game, even after I deleted the older version

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Same. It just keeps asking if I want to update the app even though I uninstalled it.

Yeah, and the file explorer says "installed" when I look at the .apk file.


Jericho is going to build a new Android version tonight to hopefully remedy this, This is the first time I’ve built the Android version, so there might be something in my settings that differs from Jericho’s settings. 

Try again with the newly posted one apk.

Try the newly posted one. 

A new one has been posted, try that one. 

hype time to play now

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play the update it was good also more Axel time

ah blissful new release, I can't wait to be emotionally discombobulated again

here we go, fluffy tiger

nevermind no emotional suffering this time it's a fluffy update

I love "Axel" so much, I wanna hug him so bad

Not the quotation marks💀

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Well, I'd like to avoid to spoil anyone who hasn't read the update yet but I definitively can't call him Axel since it's not his real name


Yeah I read it and I get it now :)