Public Build 8: Above the Clouds

Good evening y'all! Time for a special announcement, we decided to push the public build out a couple days early in order to coincide with the release of Patreon Build! Build 8 is now available on Build 9 is going to be live on Patreon later tonight, very soon! I hope you all enjoy the public build, as always let us know if there are any issues by messaging us in the Discord server! Have a good night!




RemembertheFlowers-0.8-linux.tar.bz2 418 MB
Apr 19, 2022 413 MB
Apr 19, 2022 430 MB
Apr 19, 2022
rtf.exe-8-universal-release.apk 437 MB
Apr 19, 2022

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nice update

Dang you and your good writing!! It left me in such a cliffhanger I couldn’t wait and gave into buying the patreon build. 


Was gonna wait till noon to read it but failed and binged it as soon as I woke up lol


Woop Woop


As soon as a said 2 more days remain you release it today. I wonder if I did that again would this happen again.

I'll be reading it now. 


I literally saw you say that and I got super excited but now I'm just ecstatic, to say the least!

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Aaaahhhhh!!!!! 😍😍😍😍