Public Build 10: Adjusting

Hello everyone,

Apologies for this build being a few days late. I was hit with Covid the second to last week before the end of the month and it put me out of commission for about a half and a week.

It was a crunch, but public Build 10 is now available on Itchio!


  • Chapter Select moved to the main menu
  • Warning added to the Save/Load menu
  • New CG art by by Moosopp
  • New main character sprite set (Lines by Wild, coloring by Scone and Orion)
  •  New sprite variant and expressions for Rose (Done by Orion)
  •  New side character sprite sets (Done by Orion)
  • Alternate outfit for Axel (Designed by GabbageBin, drawn by Orion)
  • 3 new music tracks by Hop-Skip & The Chewtoys
  • 1 new music track by Anthemics
  •  Few errors and typos fixed
  • Volume issue in Ch8 corrected

Hope you enjoy it! (Build 11 will be up within the next hour on Patreon.)

- Orion


RemembertheFlowers-0.10.0-android.apk 658 MB
62 days ago
RemembertheFlowers-0.10.0-linux.tar.bz2 623 MB
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62 days ago

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Axel looking fly

Canto is really starting to grow on me, at first I didn't like him but with him not being too distant I find myself really liking him. kinda sad he's not on the market lol


explodes and dies screams

time to ignore sleep 


dang it I was just getting ready to go to bed then I saw this update, now I gotta stay up longer lol